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Kristian and Amy, owners

Kristian and Amy, owners

We are Kristian and Amy Geiger, owners of Cana Wine Bar. Our love affair with wine began around the same time that we met and fell in love with one another, in August of 2000.

We embarked on our first winery adventure on our honeymoon trip to Virginia in September 2001.

From that very first trip, we knew our love of wine was going to last a lifetime.

We focused nearly every vacation after that on visiting different wineries.

We quickly decided to take things a step further and enrolled in several wine education classes through the International Wine Guild.

As this love continued to grow, so did our desire to incorporate wine into our daily working lives; thus, the dream of owning a wine bar was born.

The name " Cana" was Kristian's inspiration. Taken from the Bible out of the Gospel of John, Cana was the city where Jesus performed his first miracle by turning water into wine at a wedding feast.

Our logo also reflects this story with the amphora (a water jug used in biblical times) pouring water out, which then turns into wine and fills a current day wine glass. This represents our hope of providing you with the best of both old and new world wines.

We look forward to meeting you and hope that you will enjoy relaxing in our comfortable atmosphere.

Buzzfeed states that Cana Wine Bar is the #1 wine bar in Colorado for classy drinking!